Sluggish Mac due to Carbon Copy Cloner?

Over the years, I’ve used and recommended a number of backup programs for Mac and Windows users. I recently began to use Carbon Copy Cloner 3.1 as my primary backup tool for my main computer, configuring the program to schedule nightly backups. After doing so, I noticed that it was taking increasingly longer to surf the web using Safari or Firefox or send and receive emails using Moreover, I noticed that my free disk space was rapidly shrinking, while my console log was being filled with messages indicating that OS X was using a non-mach version of client -> server communication.

Using non-mach version of client server communication

I did a Google search and found that other CCC users had reported the same error on the developer’s website and that it was being caused by the Backup Task Scheduler. I deleted the scheduled task and the log messages disappeared.



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  3. UPDATE: It looks like DynDNSUpdater and its support files were causing my computer’s disk space to decline on a continuous basis.

    I use DynDNS to assign a fixed hostname like to a customer’s Internet IP address that changes frequently. However, the program serves no useful purpose running on my computer. Due to an earlier installation for a customer, I had a set of DynDNS files in one of my Startup folders (Library->StartupItems). The daemon was spawning system processes behind the scenes that were being reflected as entries in my console log. After I uninstalled the program, the log entries disappeared and my Mac stopped losing disk space.

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