Creating an autoplay DVD

From today’s mail bag:

I recently created a video that was intended for distribution via the web. The client now would like to reproduce the video onto CDs that he can hand out to his potential clients. I have questions about how feasible it is for me to produce that master CD for him to have replicated. I’m not sure how to go about creating an “autoplay cd” and whether it makes sense to have a player embedded on the CD, etc. My client doesn’t necessarily need a menu. He just simply wants to be able to have his potential clients be able to pop the CD into their computer and have it start playing. If you have experience in this realm, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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One response to “Creating an autoplay DVD

  1. DVD Studio Pro: Authoring a DVD that plays automatically without a menu
    * Last Modified on: November 17, 2006
    * Article: 93812

    Most DVDs are created with at least one menu from which the user can select tracks, other menus, special features, and so forth. In some cases, you may wish to create a DVD that just plays its content without the need for user interaction.

    The following steps describe one way to author a disc in DVD Studio Pro without a menu, and without the need for the user to press the Play button. This enables a track to play automatically when the user puts the disc into a DVD player.

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