Tips for installing Windows XP SP3 in BootCamp

Posted on Microsoft’s web site:

This issue affects Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Professional operating systems running through Apple Boot Camp. If you attempt to install this release candidate of Service Pack 3 for Windows® XP on an Intel-based Apple computer (Mac Pro, Mac Mini, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or iMac) that is running Windows XP SP2 through Boot Camp, installation may fail with the error “Out of disk space.”

To avoid this, follow the instructions provided on this URL:



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19 responses to “Tips for installing Windows XP SP3 in BootCamp

  1. I had it cracked at one point and it installed everything – until it hit the USB Composite Uninstaller. This killed it, as a USB printer was still attached – BSOD and auto reboot.

    Now I am back at ¨stuck on iSight¨.

    It has taken 10hrs of patience to learn how to reset the msiexec and DPInst.exe programs. My conclusion, is that I suspect the installer does not have any logic for services which need to be started or warnings to show if there is something missing. It smacks of testing against an ideal install of SP2 or SP3 instead of real world testing against users machines.

    Messing with service start ups seems to help. As does clearing the wreckage of failed attempts.

    It would help if error messages were produced.

  2. Checking around the web, it seems that applying Bootcamp to a PC with XP SP3 already installed is NOT possible. (I have no restore points prior to SP3).

    I am surprised that, to get things sorted, I am faced with a destructive XP SP2 install and reinstalling all the software JUST to get some device drivers going… SP3 is a only a cumulative patch of SP2 updates anyhow.

    Apple may have good intentions, but I don’t live in a world where this insistence on virgin Windows installs makes much sense.

    Why can’t they simply post the XP SP3 drivers online and let us get on with the 10 minute process of patching the system?

    Am I going to have to reinstall Windows and all the software AGAIN when OSX11 appears?

    I am beginning to think Bootcamp is really just a gimmick to tempt Windows users onto Macs, instead of a serious gesture to business people to have an advanced dual boot system.

  3. My biggest complaint with BootCamp is the fact that it will only allow Windows to be installed on the internal boot volume and not on an external storage device. I would run Windows under BootCamp on a regular basis if I had the option to boot off of an attached hard drive.

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