Using Compressor and Time Capsule with Final Cut Pro

From today’s mail bag:

Looks like Time Capsule – 1 TB might be a good solution.  We actually have 4 computers.  2 dual processor mac laptops which we will use primarily for video and  2 G4 ibooks which we use for other stuff.  Also we like to move around the house to work.  Currently we have a Comcast wireless modem. Perhaps we can use this or exchange it for a straight cable modem.  We would keep most of the video stuff on the Time Capsule hard drive and bring up pieces to the laptops to work on.  We also have a printer with a network port.

If you go to and search for “final cut pro network”  you will find a page on Compressor 3 distributed encoding.  This may be a way to move files around???



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2 responses to “Using Compressor and Time Capsule with Final Cut Pro

  1. As noted by the following post on the Apple Discussion Board, a wireless connection from a Time Capsule device won’t deliver the constant data rates you need to capture and edit video reliably. You can, however, use the internal drive in Time Capsule to back up your raw video, stills, and Final Cut project files.

    Distributed encoding (or distributed processing) is a configurable and optional feature within Compressor and Qmaster that, in theory, is supposed to allow other Macs on the same network to add their processing power during the video rendering process. It is not, however, a tool to move video files back and forth between systems. I have tried, many times, to configure Compressor and Qmaster for distributed processing but have yet to master the process. Other Final Cut users have reported that Compressor stops working after they upgrade to Leopard or install Final Cut 6.

  2. Nice info, added to favourites.

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