How to send non-AT&T email through AT&T mail servers

Received following note from two other Apple consultants:

If you are an SBC/AT&T Yahoo! DSL customer who is having difficulty using or Entourage to send messages involving personal or business email accounts not affiliated with an AT&T-owned domain like or, you are not alone. The telltale symptom is that messages get stuck in the outbox queue and then go out after several repeated tries.

Without notification to customers, AT&T has implemented an additional form of user identification and verification. The solution is to use the Yahoo! webmail interface to register email addresses for domains other than those owned and operated by AT&T. Afterwards, you should be able to send messages from Mail or Entourage without a problem. The registration limit is 10 mail accounts.

Bottom line is, if you have more than 10 users at a site, don’t use as your outgoing (SMTP) mail server.



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3 responses to “How to send non-AT&T email through AT&T mail servers

  1. You shouldn’t generally use AT&T mailservers to send non-AT&T mail anyway because some MTAs will reject messages which claim to be originating from somewhere other than the host given in the HELO command regardless of whether or not the SPF record says it’s OK. I’ve seen this happen at universities primarily.

  2. Enraged AT&T spam filter eats legitimate mail
    By Dan Goodin in San Francisco
    Published Monday 24th March 2008 19:30 GMT

    Finding fewer emails in your AT&T spam folder? It may be a mixed blessing.

    AT&T appears to have implemented new spam filters that are catching legitimate emails – but provide no warning to the intended recipients.

    Over the past week, internet service providers, individual email senders and customers of AT&T-controlled email services have reported a sharp uptick in the number of non-spam messages that failed to make it into end users’ inboxes. The reports coincide with a noticeable decline in the number of messages being funneled into junk mail folders, causing many users to assume the blocking of legitimate emails is connected to antispam measures AT&T has recently rolled out.

    Michigan-based is one of the ISPs affected. On Friday, Kevin Fortune, a technical service representative, discovered AT&T had blocked all email being sent from servers connected to its DNS2GO service.

    “They just took the preemptive approach and blocked everything from one of our IP addresses, if not all of them,” Fortune said. On Monday morning, he said he had conflicting information about whether email originating from his servers was still being blocked.

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