Genealogy and Timeline software

I recently downloaded and tested trial versions of several genealogy programs and two timeline chart applications. After finishing my review, I decided to buy the following programs:

iFamily for Tiger – ($29.95).
Timeline – ($40.00).

Other programs that I evaluated were Heredis Mac X.2, MacFamilyTree 5, ohmiGene, and TimeFlyer. I chose iFamily for Tiger (whose name is slightly misleading, as it is also supported on OS X 10.5) because it approaches family genealogies from an individual perspective that is much more flexible for documenting family members who have more than two parents or multiple spouses. While I really liked the simplicity of TimeFlyer’s menu interface and its ability to generate vertical as well as horizontal charts, in the end I chose Timeline because of how it supports background graphics and multiple timelines on the same chart.

Sample Timeline



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2 responses to “Genealogy and Timeline software

  1. What about the public records websites? Do they work at all? Some advertise this same sort of thing. I’ll read later for response.

  2. While I have spent a significant amount of time searching public records on the Latter Day Saints and websites, I have not tried any of their web tools that are targeted to genealogists and family historians. I have privacy concerns with using a public website to store family records. While I have confidence that most folks who use the Internet would access online genealogical data for legitimate reasons, a few may be tempted to use the information for nefarious purposes (e.g., identity theft). Just this weekend, the Associated Press reported that a computer system at Antioch University in Ohio was compromised by an unknown intruder. The breached computer contained the names, Social Security numbers, academic records and payroll documents for current and former students, applicants and employees going back to 1996.

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