CAUTION: Avoid the disk defrag function in Drive Genius 2

I recently received correspondence from a fellow Mac consultant who had a very bad experience using the disk defragmentation function in Drive Genius 2 from Prosoft Engineering. His Leopard setup on his MacBook Pro was completely hosed after he ran disk defrag. He then turned to Disk Warrior to try to repair his computer. After running for 4 hours, Disk Warrior had found 697 overlapped files and had still not completed. Using Time Machine, my colleague was able to recover all of his data and programs except for a few documents that had changed since his last backup.



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17 responses to “CAUTION: Avoid the disk defrag function in Drive Genius 2

  1. leo

    I should of read this before, but I only started searching online for a solution after I encountered this problem.

    Here is what happened so far.

    I ran disk fragmentor with Drive Genuis 2 from DVD, restarted and what do you know, kernel panic after kernel panic.

    So I went ahead and bought a new hard disk, put it in my MBP, and hooked up my old one in an enclosure and attempting diskwarrior rebuild. (Its been running for a few hours now and found 66 overlapped files so far)

    Anybody encountered this issue before and solved it other than the one other post above?

  2. Rien

    I encoutered the same problems with a Mac pro. I ran deferag, which ran perfect, but after restart the computer restarts itself or gives a kernel panic. Starting up in target mode and hooking it to my macbook realy scared me; all the data from my accounts were gone! Disk repair was not possible. Help!

    • admin

      Hi Rien. What do you have in terms of system and data backup? Do you use Time Machine or another backup program on a regular basis? If you don’t have any recent or reliable backup, then you’re probably faced with recovering whatever data you can using a program like Data Rescue and reinstalling Mac OS X.

  3. daisywee

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