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From the mail bag:

I am finally getting serious about purchasing equipment to begin my video venture. I’ve been shopping around and looking at camcorder reviews on Cnet but as still very unsure about what to purchase. I would like to get a standard, not HD, camera in the $600 to $1,000 category. I want to also purchase an iMac and do editing on it’s iMovie software.

Can you recommend an appropriate camcorder and tell me if using iMovie will work? I understand not all camcorder recording formats are compatible with an iMac.

CL, Northville MI



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2 responses to “Camcorder advice

  1. We are in that no-man’s zone of time where the market hasn’t decided on the winner of the high definition format wars (HDTV vs. Blu-Ray). At the same time, however, the die is cast for phasing out all analog (standard definition) TV equipment and broadcasts come February 17, 2009–a date that is a little more than a year away.

    For this reason, I believe you should first consider the pros and cons of investing in video equipment that will be functionally obsolete in a year. You might say that you just want to get your feet wet now, and you’ll upgrade to high definition equipment in a year when the market changes. That’s perfectly valid. On the other hand, you may want to invest in something that has a longer shelf value. Nothing wrong with that approach, either.

    With iMovie ’08, you can edit both standard and high definition video as well as Advanced Video Codec High Definition movies that are shot with special camcorders made by Sony and Panasonic.

  2. Roger

    I movie is inc. with I Mac. Sony A series camera r great for video. the A 7 is all you need to start.

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