Apple’s Compressor opens without displaying encoding options

From the Mail Bag:

I’m trying to use Compressor to burn my sequence in DVD Studio Pro. But when I export “using compressor,” the program Compressor just opens without giving me the encoding options and DVD specifications such as MPEG and Dolby. In Compressor, I can’t seem to find the DVD specifications. Any idea why this may be happening and how can I make it work?



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4 responses to “Apple’s Compressor opens without displaying encoding options

  1. Qmaster is Apple’s queuing and distributed processing technology. Compressor uses Qmaster to queue and distribute audio and video transcoding tasks across multiple Macs in a network. Qmaster is required by Compressor, not DVD Studio Pro or Final Cut. A corrupted Qmaster configuration or installation can cause the type of behavior that you’re experiencing.

    Launch System Preferences and choose the Apple Qmaster pane. Check to see whether the button in the lower right corner of the window says “Start Sharing” or “Stop Sharing.” I suspect that the button will say “Start Sharing” and that if you click it, the button will respond with a message that qmasterd is not running and did not initiate when you started your Mac.

    If you can’t start up Qmaster from System Preferences, take a look at the hints on the following web page:

  2. Feedback from customer:

    It looks like qmaster is running in my system. When I clicked on “start sharing,” I didn’t get a message saying it’s not running but went into qmaster.

    Any other idea what might be causing my compressor problems?

  3. If you’re still having problems using Compressor with DVD Studio Pro, I suggest following the instructions on the following Apple support page to remove and reinstall Qmaster and Compressor:

    After removing all the components for BOTH Compressor and QMaster (and Motion, if you installed that program as well), reinstall those apps from your FCS install disc. The reinstallation shouldn’t take very long at all. The key to success is to remove all remnants of your previous Compressor and Qmaster installation. The instructions included in the above URL will enable you to accomplish that task.

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