Migration Assistant not working in Panther

Today’s Mail Bag comes from another computer consultant who works on both Macs and PCs:

I ran into a problem with Target Disk Mode. My niece and her husband have a Power Mac G4 with (Mac OS X) 10.3.3. They just bought a Mac Mini with Tiger. I ran the Migration Assistant on Tiger and booted the Power PC into Target Disk Mode. The G4 drive appeared on the Tiger desktop but the ‘Continue’ button within the Migration Assistant remained greyed out so I couldn’t continue with the migration. Clicking on the drive icon caused Tiger to lock up.

What gives?   



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45 responses to “Migration Assistant not working in Panther

  1. Kori

    thanks for your help.

  2. John Bender

    Found some apple support articles that relate to your issue. Regarding your freezing, Check Apple support article: HT1554. Your issue may be related to your computer’s firmware. Regarding firmware and computers that need it updated for the migration assistant (so as to prevent lockup) check apple support article: HT1395. I do not visit this board on a regular basis and will not be receiving any feedback or notifications. Regards, John B.

  3. John Bender

    Clarification on the computer firmware. The firmware update is for the computer where you are retrieving the data from. Regards, John B.

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