Processing 8 mm film

Today’s mail bag features a couple of questions on 8 mm film processing:

I have a client who has 8mm movie film that she needs to get developed. Does anyone know where she can get that done?
-MT, Minneapolis MN

Do you know of any reputable place in the Bay Area to take 8mm and Super 8mm films to be copied onto DVD?
-MH, Santa Rosa CA  


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    This web site provides a list of outlets in the United States that you can call and email for information about 8 mm film development.

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    Here are two service bureaus in San Francisco that cater to video professionals:

    Video Transfer Center
    Monaco Digital Film Labs

    I’ve not used either facility and can’t vouch for their service and quality.

    You probably can get the job done at a lower cost by choosing either of the following two outlets:

    Home Movie Depot of Ashland, Missouri

    For pricing and product information, contact Michael Koontz, sales manager (

    YesVideo of Santa Clara, California

    What sets YesVideo apart from the competition is its processing of orders. YesVideo has partnered with drug stores and major retailers that have agreed to serve as drop-off stations. Click here for the location of the nearest drop-off outlet in your area.

    YesVideo also serves Canadian residents.

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