Upgrading the OS of an iMac G3

Question from a Windows consultant:

Someone I know has an older iMac with the following specs:

Version 10.3.9
600MHZ Power PC G-3
CPU type: Power Pc 750 (33.11)

He says that it’s not compatible with his current iPod & wants to upgrade. He could upgrade to Tiger but is it worth it or should I advise him to get a new Mac w/Leopard? Also in the Tiger minimum req’s it says Firewire is required. Why is this & is it really required?




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2 responses to “Upgrading the OS of an iMac G3

  1. Leopard won’t install on PowerPC G3’s. Even if his iMac could run Leopard, I don’t think he’d be satisfied with general performance, since his machine has only 256 megs of memory.

    I suggest upgrading to a new Mac.

  2. Dennis

    “Suggest”, is an under statement. He should definitely buy a new iMac. Even the entry level with student discount (Apple Stores will take any Student I.D.) will be about $1050. If your friend has been happy with his G3, he’ll be in the future with Leopard…


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