What kind of software is Shake?

Question from a video editor:

What kind of software is Shake??? I apparently have had the wrong impression all this time.
-MP, Sebastopol CA



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2 responses to “What kind of software is Shake?

  1. Shake is a sophisticated 2D and 3D compositing application that extends the capabilitilies of Final Cut Pro Studio. For my video documentaries, I use the program’s advanced image processing features to retime sequences and smooth out unwanted camera movement. I recently ordered (but have not received) Final Cut Studio 2 that, according to what I’ve read online, added Shake’s Smootcam and Tracking features.

  2. It’s a node based compositing tool, much like Digital Fusion or Nuke. You could think of it as After Effects without layers, but nodes, that show a hierarchy of individual effects and elements in relation to each other. This is a much more intuitive way of working with large comps in film and broadcast that require heavy effects work. A quick Google search will bring up a plethora of information on Shake and competitors, comparing/contrasting and going into detail the strengths/weaknesses of each package. Keep in mind that Shake has been killed by Apple (stopped development) and has been dying a slow death. Studios are already replacing Shake with updated tools such as Fusion, Nuke or even Toxik. Mac-heads such as myself wait patiently for Apples new mystery compositing app that is supposedly replacing Shake. But it’s generally understood within the community that this won’t be happening anytime soon.

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