Formatting photos for Final Cut Pro

Sent in by a video editor:

For my current project about my Aunt xxxx [1907-2007], I scanned over 700 old photos to jpg with rather high resolution, typically 2736×1776 to 6214×4499. Other images sent by family are smaller (720×480). I’m now asking some libraries for archival photo images. I’ve never incorporated photos into my videos before, so there is a world of basic info I don’t know.

1. What resolutions or other specs should I request?

2. Where’s a good place to look for basic info about how to size photo images appropriately?

3. [How do I] clean up damage and spots and adjust the images? iPhoto and FCP don’t seem adequate. Do I have to buy and master Photoshop? Is there a good basic photo editor that I could use?



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6 responses to “Formatting photos for Final Cut Pro

  1. I’m assuming you are using a Mac since you are using FC. When I need to resize an image, I pull it into Preview (standard PDF reader on MacOS) and select Tools -> Adjust Size from the topline menu and set the proprtions to the size I need. Don’t have to buy any special software just to resize an image.


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