WiebeTech offers Drive eRazer™ for securely erasing hard drives

Are you sure you erased that used hard drive? Perhaps you’ve discovered, much to your chagrin, that trashing a file or reformatting a hard drive using the quick, default method does not prevent an unauthorized party from recovering sensitive documents.

While Apple’s Disk Utility provides a built-in tool for securely reformatting a drive, the process often requires overnight processing on large (500+ GB) storage devices. In response, WiebeTech has developed a standalone hardware device called Drive eRazer™ that securely erases data from a 2.5 or 3.5 inch drive.

According to WiebeTech, Drive eRazer completes the deletion task at a faster rate than any software solution, writing data to a SATA or IDE/PATA drive at a sustained rate of more than 35 MB/s. At that rate, a 250 GB drive can be securely erased in under two hours. Like the Zero Pass option in Disk Utility, Drive eRazer’s single-pass mode writes over every bit of a drive, deleting blocks, partitions, and Host Protected Areas. After the process is completed, there’s nothing left to recover.

For those who require even higher security, WiebeTech offers Drive eRazer Pro devices that can perform multiple passes and remove data normally invisible to operating systems.

• DRZR-1: Standard version for 3.5 inch IDE/PATA Drives, $99.95 MSRP
• DRZR-2: Pro version for 3.5 inch IDE/PATA Drives, $149.95 MSRP
• DRZR-3: Pro version for 2.5 inch IDE/PATA Drives, $149.95 MSRP
• DRZR-2VBD: Pro version for 2.5/3.5 inch SATA or IDE/PATA Drives, $199.95 MSRP

Drive eRazer is compliant with the Department of Defense requirements (updated June 28, 2007) for clearing a Non-Removable Rigid Disk. For further information, contact WiebeTech sales staff at sales@wiebetech.com or 316-744-8722 x2.


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One response to “WiebeTech offers Drive eRazer™ for securely erasing hard drives

  1. Eldon Schlenker

    SCSI Drive eRazer units. Are they available?

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