Removing unwanted artifacts from DV footage

Question from a reader:

What is your favorite software program for removing unwanted objects (Airplanes, Power lines, UFOs, etc.) from DV footage?


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One response to “Removing unwanted artifacts from DV footage

  1. Shake 4.1 includes a PDF tutorial that describes one way to remove unwanted objects from video footage.

    Shake Tutorial 9 (pp. 252-259)
    Creating a Clean Plate With QuickPaint

    However, Apple is no longer selling maintenance contracts for Shake and no further software updates are planned as the company is working on the next generation of the Shake compositing software. Nevertheless, Shake 4.1 is still available for purchase from the Apple Store for $499.

    Rich Young describes how Adobe After Effects can be used to rotoscope out unwanted objects on his blog:

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