Changing margins in Word 2004 for Mac OS X

Question from a Windows consultant:

I got a call from someone. She’s running MS Office on OS X. On all her Word docs she runs into an “out of printable margin” error when trying to print.

1. How to fix this?
2. How to change the default margin for all new doc’s?


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One response to “Changing margins in Word 2004 for Mac OS X

  1. 1). In Word, choose File>Page Setup.

    2). Click the arrow next to the Settings drop-down menu and select Microsoft Word from the list.

    3). Click the Margins button in the Page Setup window.

    4). In the Document dialog box, click the Margins tab and adjust the top, bottom, left, and right margins as needed. When printing Word docs to my Epson Stylus Photo 820, I normally set the left, right, and top margins to 0.25 inch and the bottom margin to 0.56 inch unless I choose a different driver than allows me to print from edge-to-edge.

    5). To set the new margins as the default for all docs, click the Default button located in the lower left corner of the Document dialog box.

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