Tip for Entourage 2004 users

I recently consulted an Entourage 2004 user who complained that his email program was unresponsive and unstable. He said that he frequently has to Force Quit Entourage to regain control of his Mac. In analyzing his situation, I learned that his email program was managing more than 80,000 messages and that the size of his Entourage Database exceeded 8.5 gigabytes. While Entourage 2004 doesn’t impose a maximum limit on file size, most users agree that a leaner database will usually reduce the likelihood of major problems and improve overall performance.

We worked out a plan where I would split his Entourage database into two distinct identities that could be switched at will: one identity would contain messages prior to 2006 and another (his Main Identity) would include more recent data from 2006 and 2007. These instructions are detailed below:

1). In Entourage 2004, click the down arrow next to the New button in the toolbar. Choose Custom View to create a new folder that will contain old messages selected by date criteria.

2). In the Edit Custom View window, complete the Name field (suggestion: “archive”). In the Item Types section, add a check mark next to Messages and leave the other boxes unchecked. To save both time and disk space, leave the “Include Deleted Items” box unchecked. In the Criteria section, click the drop-down menu labeled “Subject” and choose “Date sent” from the list of available options. In the adjacent menu, choose “is greater than” and enter the number of days back you want to use as a cutoff date. Click OK to begin processing.

3). Click the new folder called archive (or, whatever you named it in Step #2 above). The messages that fit your date criteria will begin to populate the view window on the right. At this point, Entourage may become unresponsive while it is figuring out which messages should be displayed in the custom view folder. When you can reassert control over Entourage, drag the archive folder to the Desktop to create a backup (.mbox) file. The backup procedure may take some time. BE PATIENT! Let the process complete, then proceed to Step #4.

4). From the Entourage menu, choose Switch Identity.

5). Click the New button and enter a name (suggestion: archive) in the Identity name window. Click OK to create the identity.

6). In the Entourage Setup Assistant window, select the radio button entitled, “I want to start using Entourage without importing anything,” then click the red circle in the upper left corner to dismiss the setup assistant.

7). Hide Entourage temporarily using the Command-H shortcut.

8). Double-click the archive.mbox file to open a Entourage dialog window that will ask whether you want to import the messages into a new folder. Click the Import button to begin importing.

9). Entourage will not be responsive to key commands during the import process. When the procedure completes, you will see your old messages stored in a new folder below your Inbox called “Archive messages.” These messages may also appear in subfolders under Mail Views.

10). To switch back to your current identity, select Switch Identity from the Entourage menu and then choose Main Identity from the list.



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7 responses to “Tip for Entourage 2004 users

  1. Rodrigo Eng

    Thanks For your Help.
    It was less painfull than other options on the web.

  2. zen0dotus

    Thank you so much for posting this! It’s a great help! I have one question though… Once I have created the new Identity and imported the archive file, how do you suggest I remove the emails from the Main Identity?

    Thanks in Advance,

    • admin

      If the emails in your old Main Identity folder are collectively small enough (4.37 gb or less) to fit on a blank DVD, you could burn them to disk and that would allow you to delete the folder from your hard drive. The path to your Main Identity folder is /Users/~home/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office 2004 Identities.

  3. Lilian

    I have difficulty deleting emails for good from Entourage. I have two email addresses on my entourage, and even as I delete unwanted messages, they somehow still remain in the overall “All Gmail” site. I keep deleting and deleting the same messages, but somehow they remain!
    Pls help!

    • not-the-admin

      Lillian, I’ll research your email problem and let you afterward what I find out and what the solution is.

    • not-the-admin

      Check your Entourage settings to determine whether messages are being stored on your mail server. Step 3 described below is where you should focus your attention.

      1. Launch Entourage
      When Entourage opens, click Tools, then Accounts from the menu bar.

      2. The “Accounts” window appears.
      Highlight the email account you wish to view and click Edit.

      3. The “Edit Account” window appears.
      Click the Options tab, then determine whether the “Leave a copy of messages on server” box is checked or unchecked, and whether the box that is labeled “Delete messages from the server after they are deleted from this computer” is checked or unchecked. You may need to experiment here and see what happens when you check or uncheck either (or both) of these boxes.

      4. Close the setup windows.
      Click OK to close the settings window, then close the Accounts window.

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