Mac equivalent to running ACT! on a PC

Question from a reader:

My office staff has been maintaining our contact and customer lists using ACT! on our PC’s. Three months ago, I bought a MacBook Pro to use as my traveling computer. I am aware that the last version of ACT! that ran on the Mac was designed for OS 9 back in 2000 and that the software developer does not offer a new version that runs in Mac OS X. What are my options for using my ACT! database on my Mac? I installed a copy of Parallels on my MacBook Pro. Can I configure Parallels to boot up my copy of Windows XP Pro and launch ACT! from there?



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8 responses to “Mac equivalent to running ACT! on a PC

  1. Michael

    I’m going through this same trial. Very happy with the speed and stability of my new MacBook Pro, but I’m already running Quicken and Picasa2 for Windows XP on my virtual machine (VM Fusion) and really hoped to use this switch to finally get out of ACT! I paid for the conversion of my database to Daylite, but it has several problems, such as parts of salutations ending up in the names field and not porting over the meeting history. Learning the new linking techniques in Daylite is harder than I expected. I’ll really be sorry if I end up running yet another Windows app on my Mac.

  2. Patrick

    We have been doing the trial of Daylite for a week now and I find it far less than ACT! One of the main things I found useful in act was searching by keyword. Daylite doesn’t search the notes or forms …ujust their primary fields. This stinks for me because I use it a lot in ACT.

  3. Greg


    Actually, Daylite can search everything. Just use the Global Search feature from the menu, and that will search all types of records and fields (vs. the Quick Search).

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