Lost network connection between two Macs

From today’s mail bag:

A link between two Macs has been broken and I need help to repair it. Some time ago a guy who was really Mac-savvy set up for me a link between my two Macs through the LAN, and now it seems to have been washed away. And he has disappeared.

There is an icon on the desktop, looks like a globe of the world. The name of the remote Mac is maggalamb, and its internal IP number is The name of the alias is “connect to maggalamb..” The Apple-i report says the original is “/Volumes/WORKGROUP;MAGGALAMB” on Tiger, and “/Volumes/” on Panther. I cannot find either of those names at /Volumes on either system.

Now when I click on the icon comes this report:

The alias “connect to maggalamb..” could not be opened, because the original item cannot be found.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this? I want to restore the connect feature, which was very useful. All I had to do was drag a file onto it and presto! it got copied to the remote Mac.


— Macsolvers’ reply #1 —

While sitting at the keyboard in front of maggalamb, can you get onto the Internet via the shared network connection provided by your router? If so, does the Network pane in System Preferences confirm that maggalamb’s IP address is

— BG’s reply #1 —

Yes. I can get onto the remote computer, every which way, between,, and using the command line from ~101 or ~103:

ssh -l ben

which will ask for my password and then give me a shell on the remote computer.

What I want is to enable that action through the icon without the password, so that I can drag a file onto the icon and have it be copied to the remote computer. I do not know if this action uses ssh or something else. Once it was set up all I had to do was click on it, and then drag a file onto it, period. It is the icon that no longer can connect. I linked a script of that command line to the icon, but that only gave me a window showing the command line script, not doing the action of it.

— Macsolvers’ reply #2 —

I received and acknowledge your feedback and findings. My question, restated, is whether you can verify the actual IP address of the remote Mac, not a range of host IP’s between 100 and 103. Is your router actually assigning to maggalamb? Have you tried to reenter maggalamb’s expected IP address ( in the Connect to Server (Command-K) dialog box and looked at the list of available servers after pressing the Connect button? Perhaps the router is assigning 101 or 102 to maggalamb. If so, enter those host IP numbers ( and in Connect to Server and try again.

Once you are able to reestablish connection to your remote Mac using Connect to Server, you can configure your computer so that the share volume automatically mounts on your Desktop after startup simply by dragging the volume icon to the Login Items list in System Preferences (see attached GIF file).

Adding volume to Login Items list

— BG’s reply #2 —

My terminology was vague, I apologize. is maggastew, my PC, with Linux is maggamoo, my Mac tower G4, OS X (either Panther or Tiger) is maggalamb, my Mac laptop G4, OS X Panther

These assignments are longstanding, internal, on the router.

I followed your instructions and was able to connect maggalamb to maggastew and to transfer a file. Then I connected maggalamb to maggamoo.

Net result is a huge success. I can now transfer files simply by dragging them from a home window to the window of a remote computer. And when that is done, if I click on the yellow button of the remote computer window, it goes to the dock, ready for next time.

Thanks for all the help. I think this setup is actually better than the icon thing I lost, and certainly is better than the copy scripts I have been using.


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