Restoring a PC disk image to Parallels or BootCamp

Received in today’s mailbag:

I have a client with a hard drive (XP on a Dell) that is hanging on by a thread. I have done a full disk image backup and my client is looking for a new machine. The old one was not worth resuscitating. She’s looking at a Mac as an alternative to a standard Windows PC.

Has anyone used Acronis TI (ed. TrueImage) to do a full PC disk image restore onto Bootcamp or Parallels, having just created the necessary drive/partition etc, without purchasing XP or Vista? Is that “legal” to do that? What issues would arise?


JS, San Francisco


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One response to “Restoring a PC disk image to Parallels or BootCamp

  1. Hi JS,

    Parallels 3.0 for Mac is bundled with Parallels Transporter that is specifically designed to convert a Windows disk image to a bootable virtual
    machine that the software program can use to run Windows. I have not tested Parallels Transporter to determine the technical issues that could arise from an Acronis disk image conversion. Parallels includes proprietary drivers that enable its virtual machines to recognize and use Mac video
    cards, network devices, and the like. It is very likely that you will need access to the original Windows install CD to complete the Parallels
    conversion. In addition, you will undoubtedly need to contact Microsoft to reactivate Windows
    because of the change in hardware configuration.

    While running Parallels on my Mac, I have successfully cloned a Windows XP virtual
    machine onto a blank disk image using Acronis TrueImage. While I’m familiar with configuring a BootCamp partition using a standard Windows installer CD, I haven’t tried to install Windows in BootCamp using a virtual disk image that is already configured with a bootable OS.

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