Apple’s position regarding iPhone hackers

There is a heated discussion on a tech listserv that I subscribe to that is focused on the merits of Apple’s decision to continually restrict iPhone customers to one service provider (AT&T) and to withhold all support for running 3rd party applications on the device. At last week’s Podcast and New Media Expo, I listened as Bill Palmer, Shooby Kumar, and Allison Sheridan debated the topic at the Orange County Podcasters booth located on the exhibit floor. Shooby is a friendly and likable teenager who gained local notoriety for using one of the published hacks on the web to unlock his iPhone so it could used on another cell phone carrier, and then found that Apple wouldn’t help him when he disabled the device after applying the latest software update from the manufacturer.

Christopher Breen expresses his dismay about Apple’s position in an article on Macworld online. I don’t own an iPhone at the moment and don’t have a vested interest in the matter. Your opinion, however, counts. Feel free to drop me a line via this blog.


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