If you’re still burning optical discs on your Mac, read this

DVD disc

Except for producing movies that can be played back using a set top device, the DVD format has been relegated to the trash heap of technological history. Most software applications are installed from an online source, while cloud storage systems and large capacity USB thumb drives and flash memory devices have obviated the use of DVD optical discs.

Even so, what if you have a rare need to create an empty 4.6 gb disk image that you plan to fill with a few critical files and later burn onto a DVD? And let’s assume you are using a system like macOS 10.12. In this report I will describe how to do it CORRECTLY.

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First remove internal battery from PinePhone in order to insert the micro SIM

I spent over an hour trying to figure out how to insert my micro SIM card into the open slot in my new PinePhone, before realizing that the procedure simply requires removal of the battery. To avoid frustrating new buyers I would add this simple little tip to the written instructions shown on the pine64.org wiki.

The PinePhone’s SIM slot requires a micro SIM, please do not insert a nano SIM without an adapter. An adapter from a nano to a micro SIM might be included under orange tape in the camera notch of the phone’s packaging. The SIM card has to be placed in the lower slot, while the microSD has to be placed in the upper slot, as pictured here:

MicroSD slot

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Successfully installing Ubuntu 20.04 to run under Parallels Desktop 15

Ubuntu 20.04 setup problems

While running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS as a virtual machine configured using Parallels Desktop 15 is not officially supported and setup problems have been reported, I managed to make it work by exhibiting patience and persistence and following common sense backup procedures.

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Disable your VPN to access iCloud using Linux

Sign in to iCloud dialog box
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